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Technology – Technical data

The Cultural Centre "Hellenic Cosmos" uses modern technology in all the fields of its activity. In every conference use, the technological equipment provided is a significant advantage and enhances the success of an event.

The "Tholos" is a unique large scale Virtual Reality infrastructure. The superiority of the "Tholos" lies in the combination of the sensation of immersion into the virtual space, in other words the feeling that we are truly there, with the interactivity with the virtual space and the objects that comprise it. The "Tholos" provides the opportunity to make a complete stereoscopic projection to the whole surface of the screen, with the use of 12 projectors and special stereoscopic glasses, enhancing in this way the sensation of immersion and providing possibilities for interaction. It possesses sound systems of the latest 7.1 technology, film quality, as well as all the relevant control systems.

The technical specifications of the "THEATRON" follow the highest standards, while the audiovisual equipment is unique in Greece.
The technologies used on stage provide:
    • Traditional theatre lighting
    • The most advanced graphically rendered sets and three dimensional computer graphics
    • High definition sound systems and special effects
    • Ultramodern conference equipment with the ability to support live image and sound connections

"THEATRON" Technical data sheet