Convention & Cultural Centre



The "Tholos" is the semicircular Virtual Reality "theatre" of Hellenic Cosmos and it was completed in March 2007. It is a building of exceptional architecture with unique technological infrastructure.












The "Tholos" resembles a planetarium in its natural and morphological characteristics. However, in essence their common characteristic is the semi-circular shape of the projection screen. Its external shape resembles a swirling celestial body. It is a sensation that is created through the processing of the surfaces and the selection of materials, like the successive rings that surround the external shell and the special lighting during the night. So, it constitutes the symbol of Hellenic Cosmos and characterizes Pireos street. The area possesses 132 seats in amphitheatric arrangement and of course the semicircular screen where special presentations and projections are shown.

The "Tholos" presents FHW’s digital productions and so far it has hosted product presentations, press conferences, meetings and special events that borrow elements from the unique experience of immersing into the virtual world to create events that are characterized by immediate response, flexibility, originality and liveliness.

The "Tholos" either as an area of special events and presentations or as an area where FHW’s digital collections are presented is always among the top choices of conference organizers.

    • Area 330 m2.
    • Height 8 m.
    • Capacity: 132 people
    • Reception and adaptation area with six flat screens (pre-show)
    • Wireless microphones for speakers
    • Speakers’ panel (up to 5 people) with conference type microphones
    • Basic theatre lighting for the speakers’ panel
    • WI FI