Convention & Cultural Centre


Multifunction Halls

Danae Hall
Phaedra Hall
Niobe Hall
Semele Hall

The "THEATRON" also possesses – for simultaneous or independent uses – the halls Danae, Phaedra, Niobe and Semele which are located on different levels and have free arrangement of seats.

Especially, the hall Semele can be divided into three smaller halls in accordance with the character of multiformity that characterises the whole building.











    • Danae 67 m2.
    • Semele 177 m2.
    • Phaedra 73 m2.
    • Niobe 73 m2.
    • Possibility to provide technical equipment to each one of the areas
    • Wireless network and network infrastructure that can service high speed connections
    • Free arrangement of seats according to the wishes of the organizer