Convention & Cultural Centre


Iphigenia Hall

The Iphigenia Hall can function simultaneously and independently with the Antigone Hall. It is a multiform area both regarding the size and the possible arrangements. With different arrangements and its division into smaller halls is can service events that require a capacity of 50 to 650 people, arranged as the organizer wishes (school, theatre, Π-arrangement etc). It has an independent control room and free arrangement of seats.












    • Area: Iphigenia 51 m2 - Iphigenia 1 197 m2 - Iphigenia 2 193 m2 - Iphigenia 3 114m2 -
      Iphigenia Β 312 m2
    • Free arrangement of seats according to the wishes of the organizer
    • Ability to hang sets-lighting from the roof
    • Independent control room
    • Projection system - Ability for rear projection
    • Theatre lighting for reading desk and speakers’ panel
    • Microphones of conventioneers and speakers - Wireless microphones
    • Mobile translation booths and equipment
    • Ability to simultaneously project the event to the area of the exterior foyer
    • Access to fully equipped dressing rooms.