Convention & Cultural Centre


Building 1

Foyer of Building 1
The central foyer of Building 1, the reception area of Hellenic Cosmos, includes a cafe and the Cyber Hall (Internet Cafe). With the "Tholos" foyer they constitute a large, unified area of reception and of hosting important events.
The Cyber Hall, an originally designed Internet Cafe, provides visitors with the opportunity to surf the Internet and FHW’s web site on Hellenic history. The Cyber Hall can be used as a functional part of the events that are hosted at Hellenic Cosmos.

    • Area 350 m2. Height 4,30 m.     
    • Bar for the visitors












Projections Hall
The Projections Hall has a capacity of 100 people and is fully equipped for presentations, lectures and press conferences.

Technological infrastructure:
    • Reading desk with computer screen and microphones
    • Wireless microphones
    • Microphones for the conventioneers and the speakers
    • Projections system (projector + screen for rear projection)
    • Slide projector (carousel)
    • Slide projector Α4
    • Projection of items (epidiascope)
    • Theatrical lighting for reading desk and panel of speakers
    • Possibility to simultaneously project the event at the area pf the external foyer


Building 2

Foyer of the "Tholos"
The main reception area of Hellenic Cosmos is bright with a height of 9 metres and futuristic aesthetics and with the "Tholos" dominating.
The foyer of the "Tholos" is suitable for receptions and buffets, for corporate or educational activities, as well as for presentations and speeches after a suitable arrangement of the area.
There is a large LED screen in the area, which can be used for the promotion of a corporate identity.

• 550 m2, 9 metres high (4,50 metres under the balcony)
• Capacity of 300 people
• Capacity of 600 people standing
• Capacity of 1,000 people standing when combined with the foyer of Building 1
• LED Screen 200’’












Bar of the "Tholos"
The bar of the "Tholos" is a bright area on level 1, which provides visibility towards the "Tholos" and the external atrium. Just before the entrance to the Projections Hall the area is suitable for a refreshment or for a light meal.

• Area 230 m2. 3,50 metres high
• Installation of a bar for the visitors
• Information screens on the walls
• Capacity of 40 seated people
• Capacity of 150 standing people












Foyer of the 1st floor
The foyer of FHW’s exhibition "Is There An Answer To Everything? A journey to the world of Greek mathematics?" is located on the 1st floor.

    • Area 250 m2.
    • Height 4,50 m.
    • Wooden floor – Windows
    • Capacity 150 people (seated)
    • Capacity 300 people (standing)

The technological equipment for the foyer of the 1st floor is available after a prior arrangement.


Atrium Building

Cafe of the Atrium
The cafe of the atrium is located on level 1 above of the atrium and connects Building 1&2 with the "THEATRON". It is a bright area with a view to the «THEATRON" and the external area of the atrium. Its location between the "THEATRON" and the "Tholos" allows its use combined with events that take place either at these buildings.












• Area 211 m2.
• Height 2,90 m.
• Two screens on the wall
• Capacity of 85 seated people (with the existent tables)
• Capacity of 130 seated people for lunch (with round tables)