Convention & Cultural Centre


Antigone Hall

The Antigone Hall is the main hall of the “THEATRON” which in classical theatrical arrangement has a capacity of 1,000 people. The main characteristic of the Hall is the flexibility in its shape and the arrangement of seats and stage, elements that make it the only hall in Athens with these capabilities.












    • Stage dimensions: 30 m X 12 m
    • Dimensions of stage portal: 23.84 m X 9.50 m
    • Large stage expansion towards the backstage (maximum depth 18 m)
    • Ability to load large sets and objects directly to the stage
    • Substage with the potential to construct raising platforms and trapdoors
    • Fly tower with forty motorised flying bars, two lateral motorised fly bars, ten additional single
       point winches
    • Light bridges at the area of the auditorium (two of them mobile), as well as flying bars and
       single point winches to facilitate the various arrangements of the hall
    • State of the art audiovisual equipment unique in Greece. Stage design with the most advanced
       graphics, high fidelity sound systems and special effects system
    • Translation booths and equipment (five permanent and two mobile ones)
    • Ultramodern conference equipment. Ability to support live audiovisual connections.
    • Stage and auditorium in the same level
    • Pit of the orchestra with elevator mechanism that can be transformed into auditorium space or
       into complimentary stage
    • Fully equipped dressing rooms