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Virtual Reality shows

The "Tholos", a building of exceptional architectural design with total area of 2,260m2 and a semi-spherical projection surface with an inclination of 23 degrees, is a large scale Virtual Reality infrastructure. For the first time in the world there is a possibility for stereoscopic projection throughout the semi-spherical surface. With the use of 3D graphics, Virtual Reality technology and high fidelity audio, the spectators experience an unprecedented experience of immersion into the virtual world, which is characterized by immediate response, flexibility, originality and liveliness. The shows are interactive, controlled by the spectators, and not static ones.












The productions that are presented at the “Tholos” deal with issues of Hellenic history and culture, which are part of the thematic orientation of the Foundation, as well as wider social issues. For their implementation FHW’s scientists, from all fields of science, collaborate with external associates.

Apart from the “Tholos”, Virtual Reality presentations take place at the “Kivotos” as well, in groups of 10 people. At the “Kivotos” visitors, wearing special stereoscopic glasses, participate in virtual journeys to cities that no longer exist, like ancient Miletus and ancient Olympia. The virtual journeys to these ancient sites are based on their accurate three-dimensional representation.

Additional information about the Virtual Reality Shows